Help for Women in Depression

Homemakers may be especially prone to depression due to isolation and the repetitive nature of homemaking. While I highly value the role of motherhood and of building and maintaining a happy home, homemakers should be encouraged to develop a stronger sense of identity outside the home. Without an identity broader than taking care of home and family, some women can be at risk for depression. This is not to say that many homemakers do not find a satisfying identity in being wives and mothers, but that it is a demanding job.

Women who work outside the home may lack stimulation too, due to trying to keep up with both workplace and family and feeling that they have no time for personal development. Therefore, the following suggestions can be helpful to any woman:

  • If it's feasible, go back to school and enjoy the personal growth and mind enhancement education can provide.
  • Become an avid reader. Books are a wonderful resource for expanding your mind and developing your identity.
  • If time allows, engage in volunteer work and give yourself in service to people outside your home and/or workplace
  • Maintain a strong commitment to spiritual development, which addresses issues of identity and provides a much broader perspective on our lives and on the function and roles we play in the lives of family members.
  • If you are married, keep communication open with your husband about your needs for identity and to feel you are a growing person.
  • Develop friendships with other women. The understanding and empathy of someone who's "been there" can help you put your situation in perspective.

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