Even Though We Ain't Got Money €¦
That phrase €“ live on love €“ kept bringing to mind a song they played on the radio when I was a kid. I scoffed at its utter lack of common sense.
Following the Leader: Helping Your Husband Find His Place in the Home
Moms, do you ever wonder why dad doesn't "connect" with the family? Try these gentle nudges to help him find his place in your home.
Young, In Love €¦and Addicted: One Newlywed Couple's Battle with Internet Porn
I used to think I knew the profile of your typical pornography addict. After meeting Casey and Seth, I realized anyone could struggle with a sex addiction.
Credit Not So Priceless
Every month, we spent more than we made and our balances ballooned. But it didn't stop us from purchasing a new living room set. Who could resist? Little did we know: we were digging a financial grave.
Save or Swim
Danger: Thin Ice. Most people wouldn't risk their physical safety. So why do we ignore the signs of a financial catastrophe?
Helping Your Kids Beat the Winter Blues
Looking to keep your family happy until the weather warms up? Try these everyday suggestions!
When Winter Blues Strike
All these cold, dark days getting you down? Feeling blah might have a cause you haven't thought of.
When Your Spouse Is Depressed
Here's how you can help your loved one out of the darkness of depression.
Winning at Losing
Losing weight has its ups and downs. Learn how to do it right and win at losing.
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
If you sweat the small stuff, it's time to learn how to break free from the control freak inside of you.
What Really Matters?
Your answer to the question of priorities can make the difference between success and failure.
A Relentless Pursuit
At the time I became Christ's, my life was consumed by feminist politics and the gay and lesbian community.
The Big Payoff
This practical plan can move you toward financial freedom.
Widespread Anxiety
Here's a look at the frequency and types of anxiety problems.
A Financial Strategy for Life
If you're debt-free right now, practicing these rules will help you keep it that way. If you're already in debt, these principles will help you keep you from digging deeper.
A Matter of Perspective
How you view yourself has a lot to do with how others see you.
A New Relationship With Jesus
God accepts you just as you are. Will you now accept Him?
Avoiding Toddler-Care Burnout
If only you could bottle all that energy real life solutions for moms of toddlers.
Beginning a New Life
What to do after you"ve accepted Jesus as your Savior.
Combining Holiday and Family Traditions
Holidays are often complex for blended families. Here are some practical suggestions for enjoying the season.
Creating Tranquility
True freedom requires something no drug or therapist can provide.
Get Out of Debt
This practical plan can move you toward financial freedom.
Help When You're Drowning
If anxiety and fear leave you feeling breathless, there is hope.
If I had Faked the Resurrection
Only a Master-Planner would have arranged such a perfect series of events.
Jesus: Liar, Lunatic or Lord?
How could one man turn the world upside down?
Living in Secret Debt
There's a high price to pay for acquiring debt.
Loneliness and Depression Afflicting the Elderly
If you know an elderly person who you suspect is clinically depressed, don't brush it off. Do whatever is necessary to get them the help they need.
Lost and Found
If you met me today, you'd never know I've struggled with a mental illness, but learning to love life again after facing tragedy was a long and painful process.
Making Good Decisions
What to do about avoidance one of the biggest time wasters around.
Making Peace With Your Body
Forget the "extreme makeover" try a little attitude surgery instead
Medicating Depression
If you have these symptoms of depression, it might be time for antidepressants.
Medication or Counseling?
Both play an important role in treating anxiety.
Mommy Time
If the demands of motherhood are draining you, here are some ways to help recharge your batteries.
More Than Skin Deep
In this culture, it's hard to believe beauty is more than skin deep.
Pursuing Health or Perfection?
Overcome cultural pressure toward physical perfection by choosing to honor God with your body.
Safe at Home
Staying at home with the kids isn't necessarily the "easy way out" of working.
Salvation in Times of Crisis
Losing her father at a young age was the beginning of this woman questioning God's plan.
Simple (and Fun) Remedies for Winter Blues
Is winter getting you or someone you know down? Maybe we can help.
Skin Deep
A beauty pageant contestant discovers looks aren't all they're made up to be.
Spend It Any Way You Like
Sometimes, the meaning of life is found in the most surprising places.
Strapping on the Nitro
Stress can be more dangerous than you think.
Strategies for Choosing Daycare
If staying home with your kids isn't an option, consider the following.
Suggestions for Fathers of Small Children
Fathers, here are some practical ways to support the mother of your children.
Sweet Escape?
Chocolate: What tastes so good going down may leave you empty.
Symptoms of Anxiety
Here's how to recognize the signs of anxiety disorder.
The Cross: What It Isn't, What It Is
Does Christ's cross have any power to help you?
The Journey
One man's tale of traveling through anxiety and panic disorder to the other side.
The Light of Depression
Surprisingly, my season of depression led to a greater experience of joy.
The Most Important Job in the World
When it comes to mothering, beware of substitutes.
The Pain of Perfectionism
Some perfectionists suffer from low self-esteem because they think they must be perfect something they can never be to like themselves.
The Perfect Family
In a world where even the best of families have problems, can there really be a "perfect family"?
The Stress of Being Superwoman
Is the title Superwoman too high and lofty for the everyday mom? These quick tips can help you utilize every minute of the day.
The Symptoms of Depression
Most people associate depression with a feeling of gloom or sadness, but there is a much more important set of symptoms to keep in mind.
The Weight of Being Fat
I joined Weight Watchers when I was 13. Why couldn't I just be normal?
Trading Anxiety for Peace
Embracing peace can begin with a switch in perspective.
Understanding Depression
Depression afflicts everyone at some point. Knowing what to expect can make it easier to address.
Using the Weapon That Depresses Depression
You may not be able to stop depression from descending on you, but you can choose how you will respond to it.
What Depression Is Good For
Depression can be a healing emotion. It can bring us face to face with ourselves so that we are forced to make healthier choices.
Drowning in Debt
If you can't seem to catch your financial breath, you're not alone. Sadly, millions of Americans are credit card captives.
Who Needs Counseling?
Counseling is sometimes perceived as a "last resort," rather than a valuable source of help.
A Spiritual RX for Healthy Mind and Body
A new study of bereaved spouses shows a significant link between religious faith and the ability to heal after a loss. It's just one more confirmation of the faith/health connection.
About Time
It's never too soon to start making memories with your children. For one dad, it's too late.
Fitting Kids Into a Life
We're well-versed in how to make it in the corporate world. What we need is a little advice about making it in the nursery.
Holiday Mischief
A "grown-up" reflects on what made childhood holidays special.
How Motherhood Changed Me
One professional woman recounts her first few weeks at home, alone, with her new baby.
Just Say No
Learning to say no even if the request is worthy is critical to a sane schedule.
Learning to Roll With Change
It's not the most fun you'll ever have, but the results are worth it.
Making Memories
Taking the time to create special moments will help cement your relationship with your children.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
One's worth and value may not come from where you expect.
Missing Dad
Though in 5- and 6-year-old language I would have never called him a "workaholic," I suppose my dad fit the description.
Preparing Financially for Retirement
Enjoying retirement takes strategic planning.
Though in 5- and 6-year-old language, I would have never labeled him a "workaholic," I suppose my dad fit the description.
Relieving the Stress
Need to let off a little steam? Here are some practical suggestions.
Slow 'em Down
Days can seem too packed to even breathe when filled with carpooling, schoolwork, soccer games and other time consuming family activities.
The Mealtime Challenge
Turn dinner into wonderful family time with these suggestions.
The Waver in the Window
Don't forget to enjoy the seasons of your kids' lives.
What a New Mom Needs
When a new mother discovers her own community, she is finally able to transition into her new role as mother.
Dare To Be Different
Encouraging individuality is the best way to fend off peer pressure.
I Can't Do It All
Balance in life is often elusive. But it can be attained.
Image is Everything
A generation of Americans are ignoring their inner beauty for the pursuit of the perfect exterior.
Beyond Books and Diplomas
Do you want your kids to be leaders? The formula for getting there might surprise you.
Evaporating Family Time
It's easy to get caught up in the business of life. It's not as easy to make it up to your kids.
What to Look For In a Nursery School or Playgroup
When you leave your child in someone else's care, there are some concerns you need to consider.
Working Moms Are Nothing New
It's just that they didn't have to leave their babies in daycare to do it.
Breaking Free From Workaholism
Are you having trouble balancing work with home life? Here's how to say no and reclaim your time.
Can I Buy a New Body?
You can appreciate your body and enjoy your husband's appreciation of it.
Leaving the Majors for More
Choosing family over career isn't easy; but the rewards are priceless.
The Role of Goals
If the daily grind is stressing you out, maybe you ought to change your daily priorities.
Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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