Accident, Surprise or Gift?

Even the most careful family planning or diligent birth control methods can't always prevent pregnancy from taking a couple by surprise. Some couples may feel ready to prepare for a new baby; others may feel overwhelmed and unsure. Or a woman may find herself pregnant and suddenly without a partner to offer support. If these descriptions fit you, know that you have several paths to consider for this journey.


Within the choice of parenting, a couple can choose several options. First, you can decide to raise your child together. Second, the single mother can decide to raise her baby on her own. Third, a family member can care for the child until the mother is able to get back on her feet financially and emotionally. In any of these cases, help and guidance are available in the form of parenting classes, job placement, financial training and more.


Adoption is a viable option for both couples and single moms. Two types of adoption are available today: closed adoption, where the birth parents and adoptive parents do not communicate; and open adoption, where various levels of communication are maintained over the years. In open adoption, the birth parents may select the adoptive parents, receive updated photos of their child and share personal information with the adoptive parents.


By the numbers, abortion is a popular, though dangerous, approach to dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. If you are considering abortion, it's crucial that you gather as much information as possible about pregnancy, the abortion procedure, the risks and the procedure's physical and emotional effects on women. An effective way to inform yourself is to talk with a counselor at a pregnancy resource center.

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