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I would like to block pornography from my home computer. What information do you have about the best Web filtering software?

While Focus on the Family does not offer Web filtering software, we would like to make you aware of information that will help protect you and your family from obscenity on the Internet. A referral to this organization does not necessarily imply a full endorsement by Focus on the Family.

  • GetNetWise helps identify filtering services that correspond with a user's specific criteria.
  • Filter Review allows you to view various filtering companies and read feedback from other users.
  • Covenant Eyes offers a service which combines Internet protection with accountability partnership.
  • SafeEyes uses tools that enable parents to determine exactly what Internet usage is appropriate for their own families.
  • BSafeOnline provides Internet filtering and security software specifically for families.
  • Visit a collection of articles about protecting children on the Internet. Our information sheet (pdf file) on Internet Safety may also be a helpful parental resource.
  • Find out more about pornography as a social issue affecting our communities on CitizenLink.

We trust you will find these links helpful as you investigate an appropriate Internet filter product and/or service for your family.

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