Crisis Pregnancy

It happens to other people, not in your family. Then you hear those dreaded words, I m pregnant. And now your teenager is a frightening statistic. Finding out your daughter is pregnant, or your son will soon be a father, is devastating. Your dreams and aspirations for your teen are instantly replaced with painful, unending questions: Should she keep the baby? Did I fail as a parent? Can he handle the responsibility? At the same time, the pregnant teen faces rapid physical and emotional challenges, and she needs your help. The future can be hopeful for you, your teen and the coming baby.

Background Information

Behind the Scenes of a Teen Pregnancy
A look at the thoughts and feelings she and you are going through.

Abortion Risks
While abortion seems like a "quick fix" for a long-term problem, it is a permanent decision that carries physical, emotional and spiritual risks.

Deciding About Adoption
When considering adoption as an alterative to raising your baby, these answers may dispel adoption myths.

Questions and Answers

Why do I feel like this pregnancy has pulled me in so many different directions? I feel so overwhelmed with all the ramifications of this decision I must make. How can I sort it all out?

My pregnant daughter has her whole life still ahead of her. Would it be better for her to place her baby with a family through adoption, parent her baby or have an abortion?


Things Seen and Unseen
A woman in a white coat walked into the room and flipped on the fluorescent lights, jarring my wife awake. The jarring was just beginning.

Left to Suffer
Abortion can leave a woman feeling more empty and alone than she ever dreamed possible.

Life is Sacred
Sometimes the choices we make bring pain. Thankfully, one woman turned to God for healing.

Taboo Grief: Men and Abortion
It's not something most men talk about, but the ones who've lost a child to abortion bear many scars.

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Other Things to Consider

Faith Helps
God may be the only person who understands what you're going through.

What the Choice is All About
For a long time it baffled me. I could never understand why anyone would want to be pro-choice. But this past week I finally got it.

RelationshipsBlended Families, Parents and Adult Children

TransitionsPreparing for Adolescence, Empty Nest