Agency Adoptions
When it is time to evaluate adoption agencies, consider these pros and cons.
Where Have All the Babies Gone?
The top reasons fewer babies are available to the growing number of couples who want to adopt.
Why Daddies Matter
Having a baby is one of the most demanding things a woman can do. Having the help of a husband is invaluable.
Eliana Joy
When Eliana Joy died from severe brain abnormalities, her parents faced the toughest test they'd ever faced.
Suggestions for Fathers of Small Children
Fathers, here are some practical ways to support the mother of your children.
Discovering Purpose in Suffering
God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.
In Sickness in Health
What happens when your husband is involved in an accident and is no longer able to be the leader in your relationship?
Who Needs Counseling?
Counseling is sometimes perceived as a "last resort," rather than a valuable source of help.
A Second Chance at Life
Two adopted children arrived from the most unlikely of sources.
A Spiritual RX for Healthy Mind and Body
A new study of bereaved spouses shows a significant link between religious faith and the ability to heal after a loss. It's just one more confirmation of the faith/health connection.
Addressing Attachment Disorder
When an adopted child has attachment disorder, it takes the whole family's cooperation for healing.
Adopting on Your Own
This advice can help single parents who want to adopt children.
Adoption as Grace
How does enlarging your family reflect God's love?
An Act of Grace
In the midst of ethical ambiguity, one infertility treatment is a welcome development.
An Exciting Time
How do you know if you've entered the second half of life?
An Overview of Menopause
Recognizing the symptoms and reviewing the treatments for menopause can ease this transition.
Born too Soon
As with many instances of preterm labor, there was no reason, no explanation, for my wife's water breaking at 27 weeks.
Causes and Characteristics of Attachment Disorder
For adoptive parents, attachment issues can be a huge concern.
Caution: Changes Ahead
Prepare your children for adolescence before they embark on its rocky road.
Climbing the Hills
A father tells his story of adopting his daughter from Russia.
Congratulations! You're Gonna Be a Dad!
A pregnancy timeline can help Dad know what to expect and what to put on his calendar.
Empty Nest or Emptiness?
After a dozen years as a single parent, Dan sends his youngest child off to college. Depressed and lonely, he finds himself calling her every day. What should Dan do about the emptiness he feels?
Energizing Your Marriage in the Second Half
As you adjust to the empty-nest years, these strategies can help you make the most of your marriage and your life together.
Establishing Good In-Law Relationships
These tips will help parents and their married children resolve conflicts in a mature and gracious manner.
Filling the Holes in Our Souls
When harmless "hobbies" become compulsions, it may be time to take a closer look at the emotional deficits in our lives.
Finding Value in the "Little Things"
Becoming a mother changed my ideas about significance in ways I'd never expected.
Get a Jump on Adolescence
Puberty doesn't have to take your teen by storm.
Getting Positive About Midlife Changes
Our culture may worship it, but physical beauty is not what ultimately matters. Women in midlife can reject negativity and learn to make peace with the aging process.
Helping a Family with a Preemie
Babies are a blessing, but when they arrive earlier than expected, it can be a roller coaster ride.
Honey, I'm Pregnant!?
Even married women can get caught by surprise. So what do you do when you're pregnant and you didn't mean to be?
How Motherhood Changed Me
One professional woman recounts her first few weeks at home, alone, with her new baby.
How Not to Fix Your Husband
When it comes to marriage, is it our job to "fix" our spouse's flaws or support their strengths?
How We Embraced Our Empty Nest
After our children left for college, we needed to reassess our own relationship.
Independent Adoption
These are the risks and rewards of adopting without the help of an agency.
Interstate Adoption
Adoptive and birth parents need to make special considerations they live in different states.
Learning to Roll With Change
It's not the most fun you'll ever have, but the results are worth it.
Life Books
These special memory albums can help your adopted child piece together the past.
Living With Menopause
It can be done. But maintenance is crucial to your health.
Making the Most of Time With Extended Family
Visits with parents and in-laws can be better than you think if you make the effort.
Moving Blues
When you move, you pack more than just your stuff ??? your emotions often get put in boxes, too.
Moving For Him
I knew He loved me, but until I moved, I didn't know how much I needed His love.
Not Just a Mother's Decision
Birth fathers have a right to be included in the adoption process.
Over- 50 Birthdays
Worried about getting older? Here's how you can "get over it."
Understand the life stage that precedes menopause.
Please Don't Change
How do you help children cope with upheaval?
Predators in the Tall Grass
Sometimes it's what you can't see that poses the biggest threat.
Preparing Financially for Retirement
Enjoying retirement takes strategic planning.
Preparing for Change
Surviving one of life's most turbulent passages comes down to preparation, communication and a whole lot of understanding.
Preparing for Marriage
Careful preparation is the most important thing you can do for your upcoming marriage.
Prevention 101
Find out how to solve problems in your marriage before they arise.
Pundits and Poets on the Rewards of Long-term Marriage
A collection of wit and wisdom that may be just the cure for those mid-term marriage blahs.
Ready, Set, Go?
Are you really ready for retirement?
Suffering Toward God
Facing their daughter's death forces one couple to answer life's hardest questions.
Surviving the Change of Life
The effects of menopause are so varied that it can be a different experience for every woman who goes through it. Whatever your experience, you can keep it from taking over your life.
Talk About Misunderstanding
These few, lesser-known truths can help you and your spouse bridge the communication gap.
The Cost of Postponing Childbirth
There are many reasons to delay pregnancy, but having a baby later in life is not without risks.
The Dos and Don'ts of a Good Marriage
Learn to avoid the problems that derail so many couples.
The Gift of Sameness
The gift of adoption wasn't in being "special"; it was in being the "same."
The Job That Lasts a Lifetime
Just because the kids leave home, a parent's job isn't necessarily done.
The Myth of Healthy, Happy Extended Families
When you marry, you become a family in more ways than one.
The Psychological Side of Pregnancy
While a woman experiences radical physiological changes during the months before birth, every mother-to-be also undergoes profound psychological changes.
The Real You
Moving may cause you to feel a loss of identity, but it could help you find a new one.
The Show Must Go On
One of the things they helped me to realize is that there are basic truths that will invaluably assist our understanding of the chaos and conflict in our lives.
The Wonder of Birth
The body does amazing things to make you a mother.
To Know or Not To Know, That is the question
Here are the facts about an open and closed adoption.
Treating Menopause
When you begin "the change," it's important to know the benefits and risks of treating your symptoms.
Trendsetting Preteens
Parents can point the way to good decisions even when "everybody's doing it."
Two Parents, Two Gifts
The differences in men and women make an impact on parenting style ??? and on their children, too.
The love a parent feels for her children is a great emotional risk but worth every fear.
Waking Up is Hard to Do
Then again, mostly everything is hard to do when you're pregnant.
We're So Different!
You know the physical differences between men and women ??? but that's only the beginning.
What a New Mom Needs
When a new mother discovers her own community, she is finally able to transition into her new role as mother.
What to do When You Stop Punching the Clock
By planning ahead, retirement can be fulfilling, rewarding and fun. Here are some practical tips to help you embrace this season of life.
When You're on the Move
As difficult as moving can be, there are ways to make relocating something to look forward to.
Why Did God Let This Happen to Me?
Sometimes it's hard to understand why God allows pain.
You Never Get All the Answers
A couple touched by suicide shares their walk through grief.
You're Expecting, Now What?
Some practical advice for what may be the most exhilarating ??? and frightening ??? experience of your life.
Zoomer Boomers Explode the Retiree Stereotype
Forget Bingo and afternoon gatherings for Wheel of Fortune. The Boomer Generation isn't going gently into that good night. Read on about new trends in retirement.
Abiding Unemployment
What do you do between the last job and the next?
On Your Own
A lot changes after a divorce occur, most notably, the demands of parenting.
Out of Work: One Family's Journey
At first, they met the challenge joyfully. Now, they look for creative ways to greet each jobless day.
When Grief Doesn't End
Despair can halt the natural and healthy process of grieving.
When You Lose Your Job
Believe it or not, there are ways to cope if you lose your job.
Cherish, Not Cling
Deciphering what can be let go and what to hold on to is often a major step in moving on.
Defusing Preteen Battles
How can parents not only survive but avoid preteen power struggles?
God's Teacher
One person finds a new beginning after a tragic church retreat.
Make Room For Baby
When a new baby becomes a part of the family, you've got to prepare your older kids.
My Mother, My Hero
My mother sacrificed her life to give her kids the best she could ??? and to help us be our best.
The Fluctuation of Occupation
Whether a new job is your ultimate dream or your worst nightmare, the transition is stressful.
Deciding About Adoption
When considering adoption as an alterative to raising your baby, these answers may dispel adoption myths.
What Not to Say
Sometimes even people with good intentions say the most hurtful things.
Your New Family
These principles can help couples have healthy relationships with in-laws ??? and each other.
Where is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?
So many cry out to Him in times of need, but is God really listening? And, more important, does He care?

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