Sexual Activity

You may cringe at the thought, but there s no denying adolescence is a time of sexual awakening. Young people s bodies and, without a doubt, their thoughts and emotions rapidly change. Sexual curiosity is high, particularly for boys. And girls especially those with low self-esteem may fall prey to any sudden increase in male attention. Parents can help teens deal with the rough waters of adolescence by working to raise a child s self-esteem early on and talking openly about sexual standards before it becomes an overwhelming temptation.

Background Information

Is Sex Ever Really "Safe?"
Despite what Planned Parenthood wants you to believe, saying "no" is still the only real protection.

Risk Factors for Premarital Sex
Concerned your teen is having sex? These indicators may help you decide to confront your teen.

Why Teens Have Sex
Oh, sure, it's a possibility, but despite what experts tell us, teen sex is not inevitable.

Let's Talk About Sex
How do you make the right decision about when and with whom you should have sex?

Questions and Answers

If our kids are going to have sex anyway, shouldn't we make sure they are properly protected?

My husband and I have suspected our 16-year-old has been sexually active. She recently confirmed that. Now what?


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Other Things to Consider

Pure Again
Virginity's well and good," you say, "but not everyone has waited." What can be said to those who have already crossed the line?

What's Good About Sex?
Sex clubs, Internet porn, AIDS ... with so much perversion, it's easy to forget what God intended sex to be.

When It Comes to Sex, Character Counts
Teaching character can make a difference in your child's future sex life.

RelationshipsBlended Families, Parents and Adult Children

TransitionsPreparing for Adolescence, Empty Nest