Wherever you are in life, TroubledWith wants to meet you there with the help and hope you ? and others you care about ? need.

We care about you, and we're here to help.
The goal of this site is to offer immediate help and long-term hope. In the midst of the problems you're facing, we provide practical advice to help you understand and address the issues. That's immediate help. But quick solutions aren't the only answer: TroubledWith also points you to deeper principles that assist in identifying the underlying source of the problem and lead to authentic life change. When words aren't enough, we'll be your connection to real people and credible resources that can support you as you deal with your concerns. That's long-term hope.

We're here to help the people you care about. Often, you're shouldering your own load, while providing a shoulder for others ? a co-worker, your spouse, your teen and even the person next to you on the plane. When you'd like to offer more than a shoulder, our site features user-friendly, helpful insights along with "send to a friend" and other quick ways to reach out to others. That's immediate help. When the problem is out of your league, your family and friends are welcome on TroubledWith. They'll find basic information, expert advice, empathetic stories and practical referrals aimed at meeting people anywhere, in the midst of daily annoyances or major life challenges. And behind the information, there are caring professionals and trustworthy organizations prepared to handle specific needs and concerns. That's long-term hope.

We're glad you're here. We're here to help. No strings attached.

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