Children and Divorce

Big changes are rarely easy for kids, particularly when those transitions involve people they love and events they can t control and only partially understand. A child of any age will have difficulty comprehending why his parents fight, or why one of them no longer lives in the house. That s why, from the start, it s essential to assure children that divorce is not their fault. Kids need to know they are loved and not to blame for the break-up. By honestly acknowledging that divorce is painful for everyone and that the responsibility rests on Mom and Dad s shoulders only parents can begin to meet their children s emotional needs and work toward healing and restoration.

Background Information

When Mom and Dad Split
If divorce brings happiness to the parents, the kids will benefit right?

Kids are Resilient, Right?
Some parents insist divorce will restore peace in the home and benefit the children. Little do they know, the trouble is just beginning.

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Loving the Stepmomster
It wasn't easy, but I did grow to accept the woman my dad remarried.

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