Peer Pressure

Even well adjusted adults can feel the desire to measure up to their peers, so imagine what it €™s like for vulnerable teens desperately seeking acceptance. The best thing parents can do is start early in building their child €™s self-esteem and discernment skills because by the time they reach adolescence, peer influence can trump parental authority. Whatever your child €™s age, it €™s not too late to encourage open conversations about the issues they €™re facing.

Background Information

Under Peer Pressure
The desire to "fit in" drives many changes during the teen years.

Questions and Answers

Why are boys and girls so frightened of each other?


The Wounded Spirit
Bullying is not the harmless youthful activity some think it is. It inflicts psychological scars that can last a lifetime.

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Other Things to Consider

Dare To Be Different
Encouraging individuality is the best way to fend off peer pressure.

Looking Beyond Looks
The key to accepting our physical selves starts with the heart.

RelationshipsBlended Families, Parents and Adult Children

TransitionsPreparing for Adolescence, Empty Nest