Teens and Divorce

The roller-coaster adolescent years can seem overwhelming to any teen, and particularly to adolescents dealing with their parents €™ divorce. Even if your teen is accustomed to your specific arrangement bouncing between Mom and Dad, having only one custodial parent, or possibly, dealing with stepsibling rivalry new concerns may emerge during these years. Parents often worry about issues magnified by divorce: lack of a same-sex role model for a son or daughter; adolescent attempts to understand marital failure, leading to resentment and anger; or perhaps, a child €™s response to a new father/mother figure. If you €™re facing these challenges, you can build a healthy household by establishing good communication and learning to lean on the support of family and friends.

Background Information

What Teens Believe about Divorce and Marriage
What are the effects of divorce on teens?

Teens and Divorce
When parents split, everyone suffers, especially teenagers.

When Mom and Dad Split
If divorce brings happiness to the parents, the kids will benefit right?

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Stacey feels trapped between her ex-husband and her daughter. How should she respond?


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