Getting Married

It €™s often called €œThe Happiest Day of Your Life, € but hopefully the joy will continue long after the wedding is over. In the midst of planning to say €œI do, € it €™s natural to focus on the details of the big day. But planning for marriage involves much more than simply ordering the flowers and finding a caterer. Building a solid foundation for life together before the wedding is the most important thing an engaged couple can do. Preparing to be a good husband or wife, communicating honestly about your fears and your future and seeking counseling before marriage will improve the quality of your relationship for years to come.

Background Information

Pundits and Poets on the Rewards of Long-term Marriage
A collection of wit and wisdom that may be just the cure for those mid-term marriage blahs.

Questions and Answers

Is premarital counseling really necessary?

Is the desire to marry a virgin legitimate?

What are some realistic financial expectations for newlyweds to have for their first two or three years of marriage?


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