Eating Disorders

Physical and Verbal Abuse

Pornography and Cybersex

Sexual Abuse

Just one more time, the lie draws you in. But he loves me, you justify the bruises on your wrists. One more look, you click your way around the sticky Web. Abuse and addictions attack your soul and capture your life. Offering a false sense of control, they convince you that you are one of many.

But denying the impact of abuse and addiction only covers the pain you are causing to yourself and others. Maybe you are on the sidelines, watching a loved one lose control—they're failing at work, ignoring relationships, losing interest in normal activity—and it seems impossible to reach them. There is hope. No matter how deep you've sunk, there is a helping hand waiting to pull you out.

Life Pressures: Workaholism

Parenting Teens Drugs and Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Internet Concerns

Relationships:  Anger

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