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Post-Abortion Syndrome

Sex Before Marriage

Sexual Dissatisfaction in Marriage

Unplanned Pregnancy

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Sex is an amazing experience, in the right context. Within marriage it can be a satisfying glue that bonds husband and wife through good and bad times. Even a difficult or unsatisfying married sex life can become the fulfilling and enjoyable experience it was meant to be. Sex outside marriage, however, undermines a couple's ability to build a healthy relationship of love and trust.

Passion often clouds the judgement of dating or engaged couples, causing them to cave in to the powerful, progressive forces of romance and sexual attraction. That's why it's important for emotional and physical boundaries to be established early in a relationship. If you're struggling with unmet expectations or the fallout of past sexual mistakes, this section is for you.

Abuse & AddictionPornography and Cybersex, Sexual Abuse

Parenting ChildrenTalking About Sex

Parenting TeensSexual Activity, Crisis Pregnancy, Homosexuality

TransitionsGetting Married, Adoption, Having a Baby

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